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Exta-Cee with Flanagan Microclusters®

Exta-Cee is the Superior Vitamin C - One of the primary advantages of Ester C is that it has been shown to stay in the body for up to 72 hours. Ester C is known as the body ready vitamin C
This is a unique and effective supplement of high-quality, non-acidic vitamin C. A combination of Ester-C, Spirulina, bioflavonols, and Flanagan Microclusters® - this revolutionary product ensures 100% bioavailability of vitamin C and other nutrients.
Exta-Cee is far superior to ordinary vitamin C.
Exta-Cee contain's vitamin C's well-known antioxidant properties,
BUT it is more bio-available, and a more beneficial vitamin C
to your diet without negative side effects.

Clinical tests have shown Ester-C, a multi-mineral ascorbate complex, to be absorbed more effectively and to remain in the body longer than ordinary vitamin C. Spirulina is a nutritious blue-green microalgae with excellent sources of natural carotenoids, B vitamins, and complete protein. Bioflavonols are plant pigments that protect vitamin C from being degraded and that can also increase the absorption of vitamin C. With the addition of Flanagan Microclusters®, all the nutrients in the formula are made smaller so that they are better absorbed, assimilated, and utilized by the body.

  • Absorbed more effectively than ordinary ascorbic acid


  • Includes Ester C® (a pH-neutral and specially buffered form of vitamin C), other chelated ascorbates, and Flanagan Microcluster® mineral catalysts.


  • Enhanced with Spirulina and bioflavonoids.


  • Up to 20 times longer-lasting in your body than ordinary vitamin C.
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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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