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Microhydrin Powder - the NEW Microhydrin!

Microhydrin® Powder

  • Great for Adding Microhydrin® to Smoothies
  • Great for People Who Can’t Take Capsules
  • Great for Small Amounts For Children
  • Great for Animal Feed

Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s "miracle mineral Microhydrin® is now available as a pure powder with no preservatives in a 100 gram bottle with a measuring spoon. Three level spoons contain 250 mg of Microhydrin® - equivalent to one capsule. Now you won’t need to open capsules for the above uses, and you and your customers can save $$! Microhydrin powder equivalent to 400 capsules!

Microhydrin Powder is more powerful! Oxidation Redux Potential (ORP) measurements revealed readings of -893 . . . absolutely AMAZING! The ORP scale only goes to -900. Get your Microhydrin Powder . . . Today!

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