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The Ultimate Nutriceutical
For Healthy Cell Environment


What is Microhydrin?

Microhydrin is a revolutionary product developed to improve your internal environment effectively. It consists of safe, natural source minerals processed by proprietary methods and formulated as a dietary supplement. The time-released mineral powder helps to counteract the typical unhealthy conditions we live with today by safely increasing both the alkalinity (pH level) and the antioxidant potential of blood and body tissues. Microhydrin is the most potent free radical fighter available anywhere today. It allows our internal environment to maintain a higher level of electrical conductivity, which is critical for healthy cell functioning. Each VEGICAP® of Microhydrin provides 250 mg of Nanocolloidal® silica in a hydride form dispersed in a matrix of Flanagan Microclusters®.

How Does Microhydrin Work?

microhydrin microhydron flanagan royal bodycare todd ThompsonThe principle behind Microhydrin activity is simple. When Microhydrin comes in contact with stomach fluids, the formulation time releases negatively charged hydrogen ions. These ions cause a reduction in oxidation potential (Redox) in the body, helping to create an internal environment that simultaneously promotes healthy cell growth and function, and discourages the proliferation of undesirable organisms, which prefer more acidic (less alkaline) conditions inside the body.

The hydride is a compound containing hydrogen, the smallest of all atoms. Each tiny hydrogen atom contains an extra electron. As such, it can provide more electrons than any other antioxidant. As the silica hydride passes through the digestive system, hydrogen gives off electrons to neutralize free radicals. When consumed, it releases these much-needed extra electrons into your body, improving your biological terrain.

"Microhydrin, one of the most powerful electron donors according to measurable oxidation-reduction potential values."


Also, the hydrogen atom, minus an electron, combines with oxygen, to create an alkaline condition in the body. Acidity and alkalinity are measured by pH, which is simply a measure of the power (p), or amount, of hydrogen (H). As hydrogen increases, the blood and body tissues become less acidic and change to the more desirable alkaline pH.

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