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Royal Nutrition Formula

All-Vegetable Protein Blend

Use Royal Nutrition Formula to make a great mid-morning or afternoon shake. It offers complete nutrition in an all-vegetable, soy based protein blend to help you meet your F.I.T.N.E.S.S. goals.

Until recently, it was impossible for companies to create an all-vegetable protein powder with a complete amino acid profile. Due to an exciting research breakthrough and the development of a proprietary blend, which includes soy protein along with other vegetable proteins, Royal BodyCare can offer you a complete nutrition shake with an amino acid profile even better than ion exchange whey.

Stabilized Fat Source
The source of fat in Royal Nutrition Formula is a stabilized fat from Evening Primrose Oil, surrounded by a carbohydrate matrix. It sounds high-tech, but it’s really a natural, “good” fat, which provides the proper fuel for your body and important omega - 6 fatty acids for cell membrane structure. This superior fat source supplies the added benefits of improved taste and longer shelf life.

Powerful Carbohydrate Mix
A great source of energy-producing carbohydrates, Royal Nutrition Formula does not contain the fillers or maltodextrin many companies use in their shake mixes. This amazing formula contains a powerful carbohydrate blend consisting of Inulin, a special slow-release carbohydrate from vegetables, along with stabilized rice bran. You’ll enjoy performance and taste, without the “boost and crash” that can come from high-glycemic formulas.

This product includes:
  • Whole Food Vitamins, more nutritionally bioavailable than synthetic versions
  • Powerful, Chelated Minerals for improved absorption by the cells
  • Patented, Stabilized Probiotic Bacteria to facilitate digestion.

Royal Nutrition Formula is completely dairy free, completely animal free, and it tastes great. Whether you want to add nutrients to your diet or lose body fat, Royal BodyCare’s F.I.T.N.E.S.S. program is the best way to achieve optimal health!

The nutrients in Royal Nutrition Formula are biologically available because of Royal BodyCare’s unique Flanagan Microcluster Technology ® delivery system. Utilizing Flanagan Microclusters ® and chelated amino acids, this delivery system transports nutrients directly into the cells. A full spectrum of digestive enzymes and a specific combination of chelated minerals, patented by Albion, promotes optimum digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.