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Royal 5

Metabolism Formula With Chromium & Garlic
with Flanagan Microclusters

  • Do you crave fatty foods or sweets?
  • Do you experience mood swings?
  • Do your blood sugar levels remain constant?
  • Are you unable to lose unwanted body fat?
  • Do you skip meals or eat “low-fat” foods?
  • Do you experience tiredness, especially when you skip a meal?

Important steps to physical fitness include eating the right foods and then ensuring that those foods are properly digested. The next step, metabolism, is also crucial, since it determines whether the nutrients we derive from our foods are stored as fat or are put to good use for energy production.

Metabolism is a series of complex physical and chemical processes which occur within the living cell or organism and are necessary for the maintenance of life. In metabolism, some substances are broken down to yield energy for vital processes, while other substances necessary for life are synthesized. Royal 5 Metabolism Formula includes ingredients shown to enhance metabolism. In particular, these important nutrients help the body digest fat, maintain blood sugar levels, and help support beneficial cholesterol levels.

Don’t Store Fat, Digest It!
Fat has been viewed as the enemy. Yet, many people have restricted their fat intake and still have high cholesterol or have trouble losing weight. The problem is not fat itself, but whether the fat is digested. Fat is needed in the body, yet if not digested and properly metabolized, fat may accumulate in the tissues, arteries, blood vessels and circulate in the bloodstream.

Processed fat (any fat that has been heated) is devoid of lipase, the enzyme that breaks down that fat into glycerol and useable fatty acids. The body has a limited supply of lipase; but as more and more enzyme-deficient fat is consumed, that supply is depleted and the body is left unable to properly break down fat. The metabolism of fat is an important factor in maintaining your ideal weight.

Unlike fat blockers on the market, lipase does not interfere with the body’s natural processes. Instead of blocking fat and keeping it from doing its job, the lipase in RBC’s Royal 5 Metabolism Formula allows fat to be digested and put to good use.

Count on Chromium!
Diets high in fat and refined sugar seriously deplete the body’s chromium supply. Chromium is an important nutrient for the heart. It is responsible for the structural and functional integrity of the cardiovascular system. Chromium deficiency jeopardizes the body’s ability to properly metabolize sugar and, therefore, to maintain normal blood sugar levels. The body relies on insulin – which can’t work without chromium – for energy, to utilize sugars & for burning fat.

Again, the culprit is diet and lifestyle. Many Americans are chromium deficient because of the lack of chromium in our soil and water supply and because of diets high in empty foods such as refined white sugar, flour and processed fats.

The chromium included in Royal 5 Metabolism Formula is safe and highly absorbable. This patented, amino acid chelate form of chromium is absorbed 50% better than any form on the market today, without harmful side effects.

Tocotrienols, Selenium and Garlic, Too!
Tocotrienols are a form of vitamin E with an unsaturated side chain, rather than a saturated side-chain of the more common tocopherols. The tocotrienol in Royal 5 is from palm fruit. Tocotrienols have demonstrated strong antioxidant potential. They also help the body metabolize cholesterol, strengthen capillary walls and protect red blood cells.

Selenium and vitamin E work synergistically. Both nutrients work together to benefit the function of the heart muscle. Selenium is frequently deficient, particularly in diets high in fat and sugar. Royal 5 Metabolism Formula contains the patented amino acid complex form of selenium.

Garlic rounds out our formula of heart-healthy ingredients. It helps in maintaining blood vessels and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

The nutrients in Royal 5 Metabolism Formula are biologically available because of Royal BodyCare’s unique Flanagan Microcluster Technology ® delivery system. Utilizing Flanagan Microclusters ® and chelated amino acids, this delivery system transports nutrients directly into the cells. A full spectrum of digestive enzymes and a specific combination of chelated minerals, patented by Albion, promotes optimum digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.

Houtman JP. Trace elements and cardiovascular disease. J Cardiovascular Risk, 1996: 3(1): 18-25. Davies S, McLaren Howard J, Hunnisett A, Howard M. Age-related decreases in chromium levels in 51,665 hair, sweat, and serum samples from 40,872 patients – implications for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes mellitus. Metabolism 1997; 46(5):469-73. Wilkinson RE. Tocotrienols Modify Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors. Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, Dec 1997:96-98.

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