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F.I.T.N.E.S.S. In a Box
by Doug Grant

F.I.T.N.E.S.S. In A Box Includes an instructional video, a workout video, the ROYAL F.I.T.N.E.S.S. handbook and six specially formulated nutritional supplements.

Royal 1: Digestion Formula with Enzymes and Probiotics provides a complete formula to restore your body’s enzyme supply and intestinal flora.

Royal 2: Whole Food Vitamin Mineral Formula with Amino Acid Chelates offers the safest, most effective whole food vitamins, chelated minerals and antioxidants on the market today.

Royal 3: Microhydrin® is a hydrated silica mineral with powerful antioxidant potential.

Royal 4: Crystal Energy® enhances the physical properties of your drinking water, making it more like your body’s cellular fluid.

Royal 5: Metabolism Formula with Chromium and Garlic helps the body metabolize fat, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and helps support healthy cholesterol levels.

Royal Nutrition Formula: is a state-of-the-art nutrient dense powder supplement, which supplies nutrients in the proper ratio to maintain and support healthy cellular activity. Proper nutrition is important for maintaining optimal weight, feeling energetic and supporting the immune system.

Basic Program - Road to Royal Health

What are people are saying about
 F.I.T.N.E.S.S. in a Box :

"I have worked with Doug Grant for many years and I am so impressed with his comprehensive appraoch to health. He has gotten back to the basics and has boiled health down to the most important components. His unique programs have helped our NBA athletes, the Suns support staff, and all of our families and friends to have greater health than ever before."

    • Dr. Richard J. Emerson, M.D., D.O.
      Phoenix Suns Team Physician and Orthopedic Surgeon


"With F.I.T.N.E.S.S., I lost 58 pounds in 12 weeks. Even better is how I fed! When I started, I didn't realize just how bad a shape I was in. Now, my energy level has gone through the roof. I'm able to work hours without getting fatigued. That's a big benefit, especially with my busy schedule."

    • Don Crandell, salesman, age 39

"I had about given up trying to lose weight. With F.I.T.N.E.S.S., in six weeks I lost 18 pounds and 18 inches, and I have continued losing since. Now, in about a 12oweek period, I'm down four dress sizes - that's what makes it wonderful. This is a lifestyle that can be permanent, and I recommend it highly to anybody."

    • Rene Fanibuyan, day care center director, age 50

"Without question, the F.I.T.N.E.S.S. System is a lifesaver. The weight loss was nice. Also, for the first time in over seven years, my back and neck pain are almost gone.

    • Scot Mackay, L.A. Fitness executive, age 42

"Over the course of eight weeks, I lost about 15 pounds and 11 inches, so I was real happy with that."

    • Danny Fuentes, insurance agent, age 37

"I've had to battle my weight my whole life. Then, after a car accident, I suffered with back pain that didn't allow me to exercise and I had to fight even harder. With the F.I.T.N.E.S.S. System, I've now lost 70 pounds! I have no back pain and my energy is sky high! This program is not only phenomenal, it's a lifesaver!"

    • Jennifer Hestand, health professional representative, age 22

60 Money Back Guarantee!Satisfaction Guarantee at Royal-Health.Com
If you are not completely satisfied with the products and customer service you receive at Royal-Health.Com, you are welcome to get a full refund for 60 days from date of purchase.
We will bend over backwards to make you happy.


Special limited-time offer. Place your Starter Pack order today, Tuesday, February 13, 2000, and receive a FREE 21 page report detailing the scientific backing for these products. Order today, to receive this FREE report - limited supply available - Order Now!

Item # 922096  Fitness-in-a-Box Reorder pack    $180.50 Retail   $136 wholesale
Contains: Only contains Royal 1-5
Item # 922070  Fitness-in-a-Box (No Member kit)    $225 Retail   $168 wholesale
Contains: Royal 1-5, Royal Nutrition, the Royal Fitness Book, and two videos (exercise video and instructional video)

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