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Announcing BioShape™ & Protivity™
The World's Most Nutritious Amino Acid Supplement

Protein is the structural framework of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. You must include protein in your diet in order to survive. You consume it in vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, eggs, and milk products. As you digest protein you break it into "building blocks" of over twenty different amino acids and then reconstruct those amino acids to make your muscles, heart, brain, blood and other tissues.

Eight of those amino acids are called "essential" because you must obtain them from the diet. If you eat, digest and absorb the eight essential amino acids, your body can manufacture the other dozen or so.

However, a problem has always existed in converting dietary protein to human use. The amount required of each essential amino acid in relation to the other seven is very precise. No food source of protein, not even egg albumen, provides the exact ratio of amino acids needed to make human body tissues. Therefore, the body uses only the amount of amino acid "building blocks" it needs and discards the rest to be burned as calories or as metabolites to be removed by the kidneys. Common food sources of protein produce 50% to 75% undesirable metabolites.

Twenty three years ago an Italian scientist, Professor Dr. Maurizio Luca, began a research project to determine the ideal ratio of essential amino acids required in humans. After succeeding, he then developed a product of pure crystalline amino acids derived from vegetables in the ideal ratios. He called this protein MAP for Master Amino Acid Pattern. He was granted patents in the U.S. and Europe.

Dr. Luca conducted human clinical trials that demonstrated the superior benefits for MAP:

  1. It produced 99% Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) compared to eggs which produce only 48% NNU.
  2. It is predigested and absorbed in twenty three minutes instead of the three to four hours required to digest meat.
  3. The crystalline amino acids produce only 1% metabolites instead of the high levels produced by dietary proteins.

Dr. Luca's clinical trials of his protein and actual use by thousands of people in Italy and Spain showed remarkable benefits including:

  • Weight loss with a very satisfying diet at normal caloric intake
  • Increased strength and muscle mass with reduced body fat

Dr. Luca has licensed RBC to market this pure amino acid supplement. It is now available in 1 gram tablets labeled BioShape™ for those who want to lose body fat and Protivity™ for those who want to increase muscle mass. The tablets are safe, natural, fat free, and produce less than ˝ a calorie in 10 tablets. Ten 1 gram tablets provide as much protein as 350 grams of fish, beef, or chicken. It is easily digested and absorbed in only 23 minutes instead of the three to four hours required to digest meat.

MAP products synergize perfectly with Microhydrin®. Dr. Patrick Flanagan says that hydrogen anions are stored in the protein in all body organs. If protein is inadequate, the storage and effectiveness of Microhydrin® can be reduced.

Read the complete BioShape Manual
by Dr. Luca-Moretti

This is an excerpt from the seminar given
at the Toronto Success 2000 by Dr. Luca-Moretti
Real Audio Recording

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