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A Major Discovery in Longevity
Crystal Energy ®

The Secret of the Hunza People is Now Yours for the Asking

©1995 Patrick Flanagan & Gael Crystal Flanagan, MD

Crystal Energy! - Crystal Energy Water Crystal Energy Water Crystal Energy Crystal Energy Water Crystal Energy Water Crystal Energy Crystal Energy Water Crystal Energy Water Crystal Energy Crystal Energy Water Crystal Energy Water Crystal EnergyThere are five places on earth where people often live to be more than 100 years of age while maintaining remarkably good health. These people attribute their long lives to the type of water they drink. Dr. Henri Coanda devoted his life to unlocking the secret of these special waters. Although he was able to identify the anomalous physical properties of these waters he failed in his attempts to create analogs of these waters in his laboratory. Patrick Flanagan, M.D.(Med. Alt) worked with Dr. Coanda at a scientific research center in 1963. After the two became good friends, Dr. Coanda turned his life-long water project over to Patrick.

By 1983, after 20 years of continued research, Dr. Flanagan and his wife Gael Crystal Flanagan discovered how to duplicate and concentrate these waters. Patrick and Gael Crystal Flanagan, M.D. (Med. Alt) are internationally known authors and longevity researchers. Their discovery, Crystal Energy ® concentrate, is the result of a 33 step manufacturing process.

What Makes it Work?

The Flanagans discovered that the anomalous properties discovered by Dr. Coanda were the result of a special type of colloidal mineral found in Hunza water. It was the study of these special colloidal minerals and ions that led to the development of Crystal Energy ® concentrate. They called their special colloidal minerals: Flanagan Microcluster ® colloids. Microcluster ® minerals, which are found in Crystal Energy ®, alter the structure of drinking water and reduces the surface tension. Microcluster®; minerals are unique in that they have a very high electrical charge (zeta potential) and are small enough to be easily utilized. The charge on ordinary colloidal minerals is not very high or very stable, so ordinary low energy colloidal minerals have little or no effect on the structure of water. Colloids that are found in dead sea beds and mineral clays are devoid of zeta potential and are too large to be used by the living system. Zeta Potential represents a basic Law of Nature. It plays a vital role in all forms of plant and animal life. It is the force that maintains the discreteness of the billions of circulating cells that nourish the organism. Microcluster minerals consist of elements and combinations of elements which are by definition in the smallest possible size range while still remaining molecules.

When Flanagan Microclusters ® are diluted for drinking, they have such powerful surface energies that the resulting drop in surface tension is remarkable. In distilled water, the immediate drop is between 55 to 65 dynes per centimeter. If left for a period of time, the surface tension can gradually drop to a level as low as 33 dynes. Hunza water has a surface tension of 68, this means that water treated with Crystal Energy ® concentrate has an even lower surface tension and a greater Zeta Potential. The Flanagans have recently discovered a proprietary method of adding hydrogen ions to their Crystal Energy ® concentrate, making it even better!

Assimilation of nutrients and vitamins from our foods is largely dependent on our body's ability to wet and process nutrients in the digestive system. The ability to wet foods depends on the zeta potential and surface tension of our digestive fluids. Crystal Energy ® concentrate can help you to get the most from your food and vitamin supplements.

Independent Research

The University of Minnesota examined the colloids present in Crystal Energy ® concentrate with an Electron Microscope. These tests revealed that Flanagan Microcluster ® colloids are spherical in shape and average about 5 nanometers in diameter. This means that each particle is about 12 atoms in diameter!

Subsequent studies by the University of Massachusetts and the University of Minnesota have revealed the unique nature of our product. No other silica based colloidal product contains Microcluster® minerals. The surface energy of Crystal Energy ® is thousands of times more powerful than that found in ordinary colloidal micelles. There is no other product on the market today that can perform the many diverse functions of Flanagan Microcluster ® colloids.

Suggested Uses For Crystal Energy®

Crystal Energy ® is a catalytic liquid which, when added to other liquids, enhances their solvency power by altering their molecular structure. Use Crystal Energy ® concentrate in all your drinking water. You can also use it in other beverages, especially juice and tea. It can be used on cut flowers to maintain their freshness; to rinse vegetables and fruits; to cut cooking time of many foods; to mist house plants; to catalyze your bath or spa water; to wet your toothbrush or add to your favorite mouthwash. Use it to prevent nicks while shaving. Mix Crystal Energy ® concentrate with your shampoo and other hair care products. Use Crystal Energy ® in any application which requires the use of water. Its benefits are unlimited! Kitchen experiments demonstrate the power of Crystal Energy!

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