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Everyone over 30 wants to look and feel younger. We want the smooth skin, strength, and mental alertness we felt in our youth.

Experts say we will stay younger if we exercise, get enough rest, and eat a good diet with supplements. However, we see people who follow that advice and still experience all the undesirable symptoms of aging. Why?

Scientific studies have found that the most important change as we grow older is a decrease in HGH (Human Growth Hormone), secreted from a gland in the brain.


If You're Over 30

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Over 30
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HGH, hgh, over 30, Over 30, Royal BodyCare, Human Growth Hormone

Basic Information about HGH

While HGH is essential to the development of children, it is also vital in adults for energy, fat and sugar metabolism, mental competence, DNA, tissue repair, strength, bone density, skin tone, and the immune and nervous systems.


However, another hormone called GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) controls the release of HGH.


HGH, hgh, over 30, Over 30, Royal BodyCare, Human Growth Hormone
After puberty, GHRH begins to decline, restricting HGH secretion and causing signs of aging such as increased body fat, bone fragility, weak-wrinkled skin, reduced energy, and loss of memory and concentration.


Fortunately, scientists have discovered a special form of the amino acid, glycine, that increases GHRH activity(1). They have combined it with selected herbs, vitamins, and minerals, formulated into a product named Over 30™, to help you delay the symptoms of aging!


What Makes Over 30so Effective?

GlyCoColl-HRA™ is a proprietary form of the amino acid, glycine. It increases the natural release of GHRH which in turn promotes the release of human growth hormone (HGH) production. GlyCoColl-HRA™ spares glucose for energy by improving glycogen storage. It is crucial in the formation of creatine phosphate and provides a slow and steady increase in the release of HGH without the negative increase in the release of prolactin or somatostatin, a feature not available in any other HGH precursor or secretagogue product.


Magnesium-creatine-chelate* is important for regenerating energy in the form of ATP during exercise. Magnesium-creatine-chelate, a patented technology, protects creatine from acidifying during digestion, making more creatine available for metabolic activities. Studies show Magnesium-creatine-chelate to be more effective during performance exercise and recovery than creatine alone, yielding a higher energy status(2).


Mineral phosphate blend, a special Mineral phosphate blend has been added to provide the best sources of phosphate for ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthesis. The high-energy phosphate in this molecule runs the biochemistry of the cell. ATP produces everything from protein to DNA, muscle motion, cell repair and reproduction, movement of compounds across cell membranes, removal of toxins, and is considered the most valuable bioenergetic molecule in the cell.


Vitamin B6, is a necessary vitamin involved in the formation of body Proteins, chemical transmitters in the nervous system, red blood cells and prostaglandins. It is critical in maintaining hormone balance and proper immune function.


Ferulic acid add is used to improve digestion. It is a phytochemical found especially in wine, tea, fruits and vegetables. Its antioxidant activity maintains healthy blood vessels by strengthening vessel tissue, supporting blood flow and discouraging oxidation of LDL (bad fats).


Korean Ginseng is used traditionally for longevity and vitality. Older people use ginseng for improved mental, sexual and physical vitality. Ginseng supports adrenal function, reduces stress and is nourishing to the male reproductive system. It has found new usefulness as a stimulant for brain and memory centers. Initial studies have shown stimulation of RNA, DNA, protein synthesis, and the endocrine and central nervous systems. Ginsenosides, the most active compounds, help increase energy, reduce effects of stress and enhance mental and physical performance.


Orange Pekoe and Green Tea help maintain healthy blood vessels. They are high in natural bioflavonoids. Green tea contains the tannin, catechin, which has been shown to be an important antioxidant.


Mucana pruriens benefits the aging nervous system. It helps maintain stable blood sugar levels. It is a Columbian bean used often as a hot drink. It contains a compound called levadop (l-dopa), similar in structure and function to dopamine, which has been used clinically in native populations for its beneficial effects. This herb also contains amino acids, manganese, zinc, and serotonin, an important neurotrammitter.


HGH, hgh, over 30, Over 30, Royal BodyCare, Human Growth Hormone

Pyroglutamic acid, a more absorbable form of glutamic acid, stimulates release of thyroid stimulating hormone, which controls the basal metabolic rate, energy, and metabolism in the liver and muscle. Aging adults who produce less of this valuable hormone often experience fatigue, sensitivity to cold, and weight gain.


Flanagan Microclusters ® have been added to enhance the absorption of the compounds in this formula.

These ingredients are combined into a tasty powder that dissolves instantly in water. You can be assured of safety and quality because Over 30™ is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility whose G.M.P exceeds current and planned FDA guidelines.