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  Flanagan Microclusters

The Nutritional Breakthrough of the Century

What is Microcluster® Technology?

Seldom do you have the opportunity to take part in a revolution, to ride the crest of a new wave - to be there at the beginning. This time you do.

It was started by an incredible invention, and its impact is just beginning to be felt. It will effect you and everyone using nutritional supplements because of its dramatic effect on every nutrient known today, and every nutrient discovered in the future.

It all began years ago in a research laboratory where Drs. Gael Crystal Flanagan and Dr. Patrick Flanagan studied ways to improve absorption of nutrients into our cells.

First they studied the five remote mountain regions of the world where people live healthy lives past 120 years. The diets in these five regions all differed. The only factor in common that could explain their long healthy lives was their drinking water. It comes from melted glaciers, and is physically different from the water we drink. Their water has lower surface tension, and in several ways has the same properties that surround our cells. Their water, called glacial milk, is better known for the most publicized of those five regions, as "Hunza Water."

Drs. Flanagan's goal was to create water identical to "Hunza" water, so they could share this gift with the rest of the world. Perhaps we could all live longer, healthier lives.

They discovered that Hunza water had other different physical properties involving heat, energy and viscosity. After ten more years of research, they made the major breakthrough discovery which will affect all mankind in the years ahead. They developed a mineral catalyst that reduces nutritional elements to an entirely new type of mineral colloid, the smallest size ever achieved, a sub-microscopic size only 12 atoms wide in diameter. They named these "Nanocolloids.™" They had finally succeeded in duplicating all of the properties of Hunza water.

When nutritional substances are reduced to this dimension, electrons move actively over the surface creating a powerful charge that attracts water molecules, wetting the nutrient more, increasing its absorption and its attraction to the cells. It not only reduces surface tension to the desired level, but it changes its other physical properties into the same structure as the water that surrounds the cells.

To convert nutrients into Nanocolloids,™ the Flanagans developed a 33-step process using three minerals present in human tissue. This process is produced a catalyst named Flanagan Microclusters® which increases absorption of nutrients. It is shown in studies to be 300% greater in absorption than the same nutrient without Microclusters®.

It can improve the power of all your future nutritional supplements! It is combined with several Royal BodyCare products. For all others, simply add the liquid form, Crystal Energy® to any untreated supplement and enjoy the benefits of the revolutionary nutritional development, Flanagan Microclusters®.

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